“The New York pioneers from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s is of course a huge influence, and New York graffiti bombers like Skuf1 YKK, R.I.S crew or IRAK for example. I Really love the European scene, from the North European handstyles, passin by some Parisian bombers. I must say though, that most of my influence comes from my crew and the friends that I usually paint with.”

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BOOM ft. Snoop Dogg - TZK Remix

By Sawe


NUG, I am just trying to be nice

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We just received one box with the last copies of the “NUG, I am just trying to be nice”-book.  ‘I am just trying to be nice’ is a book about the work created by graffiti artist Nug, published as a limited edition of 750 copies (Sold out at the publisher!). The book contains the first true overview of Nug’s work: from exhibitions to graffiti pictures, video stills and paintings, it’s all here, all Nug, in all overwhelming intensity. This is a must have for all collectors book lovers, graffiti haters and opinionated people.

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Cape (by Devil Maycare)


Jade They Hate Reality (by expresh)

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